Composer and Solo guitar performer. All sound made by a guitar on real time..

It's One man orchestration !!!

of course bass guitar ,Drum , space sound from Guitar too.  I could find unique style . Actually I don't use guitar synthesizer,PC and rhythmbox . its unique approach.  genre is Rock , Metal , New age , progressive , ambient , improvisation , pop , film music , ,,,etc. I am stimulated by various things . please check my sound on bandcamp ,youtube , facebook, reverbnation ,instagram and myspace.  I think there is big difference between hearing about it and actually seeing it. because you will get big pulse when you come to my gig, currently play with painter. penman , VJ, reading and dancer . Let's make vibe !!!!



Richmond International film festival & I got Outstanding Achievement in Music Award


Richmond International film festival & I got Innovation Award on this Festival


Roswell International Film Festival Nominated on Award


I got Best Ambient & Instrumental song Award by Akademia

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